Thursday, November 13, 2008

All Boy!

My boy may be the single greatest cause of joy in my life. He has an amazing imagination. He currently believes that he may be a Jedi Knight and attempts to use the force everyday. The occasional Jedi mind-trick is attempted on mom as well. But I am so blessed by god to have a young man with certain health challenges who does not see them as challenges and instead, seems proud of what makes him unique.

He is blessed with an amazing mom, who has the kid reading short words at the age of 4. Just another day in Mom's preschool/kindergarten class of one. Sara loves staying home with Ryk, as they work on a variety of skills and art projects. I am so proud of both and thank God daily for affording us the life we are given by his grace.

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TuHandy said...

Jedi Knight he is......
One night at dinner he put myself and Aaron in some kind of Jedi strangle hold and I don't remember much after that. Keep up the good work young Jedi, "may the force be with you".