Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Wild Weekend!

So last weekend was a wild one. Hermiston Football hosted a playoff game versus Corvallis High on Friday and were victorious by the score of 42-21. I was stuck making and selling elephant ears during the contest as a fund raiser for the Track & Field Program. I still may wreak of yeast...Yummy!

Saturday I traveled by caravan to the city of Corvallis with the majority of the males of the Lind Clan to take in an OSU Beaver game versus the Cal Bears. The Linds are all Beaver fans over the years, making this enjoyable to see their genuine excitement. The kind of excitement I use to have for Raider football before they became more embarassing than pictures of your father dressed in women's clothing......not that I know how embarassing that would be....moving on. The Beavs were victorious, as their quest for a Pac-10 title and Rose Bowl bid (first since the 1960s I believe) stay alive. It was awesome to see my nephews (Nathan & Anders) and one neice (Hannah) enjoy college football with their dads & uncles. Go Beavs!

Sunday I spent the morning with Sara & Ryk at church where Ryk made a scene from the exorcist and projected vomit all over Sara and himself near the close of the service. Poor little guy caught a stomach flu. Despite the sick child and a sense that I was really screwing Sara over by leaving her with ryk in this state, I was off again to Eastern Washington University by the afternoon to attend a HHS Track Coaches meeting with my bro-in-laws and clinic with the EWU track staff. This was fun as Cheney is a great lil' town. The overnight stay was tough just because I missed my family. We hooked up with my nephew Kersee & former athlete and student Michelle Coombs; both of which are student/athletes at the university. Both are loving the school and the chance to compete in college in track.

Bottomline, I am blessed to have these opportunities and have a family that supports my wild pursuits. Sara is amazing and my masterpiece of God!

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